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Doula and Wellness services

Doulas are trained professionals who are experienced in traditional alternative health. We provide mental , emotional support as well spiritual support. We assist birthing families before , during and after childbirth. Our goals is to ensure a unforgettable birth experience with a peace of mind. By offering organic comfort measures, remedies for stronger immunity, education , empowerment, and pain management alternatives. We serve with authenticity, integrity and wisdom.

Women who receive support from a doula along  their childbirth journey have an increased sense of confidence and satisfaction. So we strive to provide a sense of safety, security and belonging to everyone we support. 

Whether you are searching for experienced doula, personal growth mentor, infant care and supportive community. We got you covered!


Doula services

Offering mental , emotional and physical support . We are here to support you on how you want to birth.


Postpartum service

After birth our support don't stop. We provide extended support for new mother's by providing, education, Newborn care. breastfeeding support, self care coaching, guidance and letting mother's rest and recover without worries. 

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Wellness service

Are you going through a healing journey and need guidance ?  Hire a wellness coach  help you along your path.    This include full access to GlowupwithSai community a safe space to be you unapologetically