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Sailistic Wellness is a non-medical birth and wellness service that focus on providing a healthy alternative for women before, during, and after childbirth. Our core value is like a palm tree we honor, trust, warmth, fertility, protect, and inspire.  We strive to make sure our mama's are being treated fairly and respected in maternal health. Our services fully prepare you for pregnancy , childbirth, and  new motherhood. It's our mission to educate you on your birth rights , and empower so you can be your own advocate. Moreover, guide you into your new beginning. Your investing on great quality that will benefit you and your baby. Sailistic Wellness is contently growing  to ensure our skills are up to date  and continue finding ways to serve our communities.  Studies has shown hiring a doula and wellness services you will have a increase rate of satisfaction. We are here for you no matter if your birthing at home, birth centers or hospitals we will hold your hands through. 


Our founder

Peace and blessing we are grateful to have you here!

Meet SAI certified doula, newborn care specialist, and mentor in NYC.  Sai was born and raised in Queens, NY. Growing up she was very active in her community for over 8 years she provided child care services, mental health housing specialist, and a home care aid. Not to mention she is a college grad since 2017.  Sai always had a passion for  helping  people. Her dream was to always work in labor and delivery moreover, in 2019 she discovered doula career. Just like many of you she had no idea what was a doula and took it upon herself to do her research. After understanding this magnificent field she was uplifted and knew this was her purpose. Everything about doula's is what she was so she then decided to take the next step and became DONA certified birth doula. Still continuing her credentials in her related field. Sai always love working in intermit settings because, she can be her authentic self and build healthy connections with people.  Sai has always been a great team player and leader. People described her as compassionate, confident, funny, outgoing, and trustworthy.  Sai have impacted so many women and families throughout her life and  now in the birthing world. Sai is also known as the GLOW UP guru and helped women glow up in their truth.  Her clients highly recommend her and speaks of her with integrity. Sai strives to provide a safe, secure and healthy space for women to learn , become empowered, discover their greater self and receive abundant support.  She is dedicated to meet her clients desires and guarantee a unforgettable birth experience.

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I support you in your decisions on how you want to birth



Melissa D. S.

I believe each women should receive an abundance of support during their pregnancy. It was such a blessing to have Sai as my doula. She empowered me to make informed decisions about what I want for my pregnancy while answering any questions I had, I would describe Sai as passionate. committed, and sensitive. Which were all of the qualities I was looking for in a doula. Thank you Sai for your commitment during my pregnancy and even after!

Inkki W.

I want to thank Sai whole heartily for taking me as a client. Sai provided authenticity  and intense mental ,and  emotional support to me . The first time we met for my prenatal visit Sai was very respectful and compassionate. She helped me make informative decisions and make sure all my desires was met.  She's very strict with COVID precaution that made me feel safe under her care. Sai stood by me throughout my labor and birth .  Guide me through challenging times . I LOVE HER ! If I was to ever have another child  I would hire Sai again! Hands down no question asked.


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Building a stronger community starts here. I'm calling on my community to help me provide services to black families , teen moms , women shelters , and low income communities. No matter your social status or circumstances you deserve a safe, secure and healthy birth experience. Sailistic Wellness want to make sure all black mama's are being served.  We need the help from our community to donate what you can and bless someone today.  Thank you for your support!

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